Title: Cardio-Respiratory Motion Decomposition for Myocardial Motion Modelling in TECAB

Download: [Link 1], [Link 2] (335KB PDF)

Document Type: Workshop Paper

Authors: Osemwaro Pedro, Daniel Rueckert and Philip J. Edwards

Where Presented: MICCAI 2008 Workshop on Image Guidance and Computer Assistance for Soft-Tissue Interventions

Date: 10th September 2008


In this paper we propose a framework for the analysis of the cardiac and respiratory motion of the myocardium based on stereo video images taken from a surgical robot. Our aim is to use the analysis results as the basis for a myocardial surface reconstruction algorithm. These results will provide important prior information that will be needed to obtain accurate surface point matching in homogeneous regions and in areas of high deformation.

We show how to fit a parametric cardio-respiratory model to myocardial surface features, and we present methods for validating the model.